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Sunday, 08.02.2015

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  • Antarctica Ice Shelf

About Us

Welcome to Antarctica Sightseeing Flights. We have been offering travellers the opportunity to see the Antarctic Continent from a privately chartered Qantas aircraft since 1994 and have since operated over 100 flights.

Quick Antarctic Facts

  • Antarctica was once part of the super-continent of Gondwana which broke up millions of years ago to form the five continents
  • The total volume of the Antarctic ice sheet is about 30 million cubic kilometres, which represents about 70% of the world’s freshwater
  • Antarctica is the world’s driest continent, often referred to as a ‘polar desert’ with the annual snowfall equating to around 200mm of water (less than the annual rainfall of the world’s hot deserts)
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was in Antarctica: -89.6°C at Vostok station in July 1983
  • Antarctica is almost twice the size of Australia
  • Less than 2% of Antarctica is ice-free (exposed rock) and the ice sheet has an average thickness of approximately 2.4 kilometres
  • During winter the pack-ice zone in the Southern Ocean extends to an area between 19 and 22 million square kilometres – almost doubling in size compared to summer
  • Australia has three permanent bases Mawson (1954), Davis (1957) and Casey (1969) – (Mawson being Antarctica’s longest continually manned base below the Antarctic Circle) and shares its territory with other nations, including Russia and China

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