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Thursday, 31.12.2015

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  • How long is the flight and how long do you spend over the ice?

  • What time do you depart and return?

  • How does the seating rotation work?

  • Can I reserve a particular seat?

  • What viewing opportunities do I get from a centre seat?

  • How much can I see from the Economy Class Standard seats (over the wing)?

  • How does weather affect the flight?

  • How low do you fly?

  • Can you see penguins or other wildlife?

  • Does the aircraft land?

  • Can I take photographs & video?

  • Do I get meals and drinks on the flight?

  • Do I need my passport?

  • Are there any age restrictions on the flight?

  • Do I need travel insurance?

  • Can I offset the carbon emmissions from my flight?

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