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The more you know about Antarctica, the more you will appreciate the ease at which you will be viewing it. Below are some films, books and documentaries on Antarctica that will help to give you a real insight into just how inhospitable, yet spectacular, the continent can be.

Films to watch

Crossing the Ice (2012)
Follow the first unassisted mission to the South Pole and back in this Australian documentary. Two friends set off on foot to achieve what no other human has, successfully trekking to the South Pole, and back, without assistance.

The Endurance (2000)
Named for explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ship from his 1914 expedition. The film documents the danger and disaster faced by Shackleton and his crew throughout the Antarctic expedition.

The Secret Land (1948)
Operation High Jump brought the US Navy to Antarctica in 1946. This military documentary shares the story of the 4000 men who took part in the expedition and the danger that ensued.

Antarctica (1991)
Explore the world’s largest and driest desert. This IMAX documentary shows the wildlife inside complex Antarctic ecosystems as well as the people who live and work there.

Ice People (2008)
Follow along and meet some today’s Antarctic researchers. Find out what motivates them, what they are learning and what their findings can teach us about the world before ice on Antarctica.

Encounters at the End of the World (2007)
This documentary captures the unique lives of those living and working in Antarctica as well as highlighting the unbelievable, remote locations.

Antarctica: A Year On Ice (2013)
Recounting a year in Antarctica, this documentary takes you through endless summer sunshine and harsh winter at remote research stations. Delve into the everyday lives of those working to keep the stations running.

Eight Below (2006)
A fun, heroic adventure sharing the story of an Antarctica guide on a journey by dog sled when a heavy storm threatens the lives of him and his team.

March of the Penguins (2005)
Watch the year long journey of emperor penguins in Antarctica as they leave the water, travel across the frozen continent to their breeding grounds and finally hatch their young.

Shackleton’s Antarctica Adventure (2001)
This IMAX film chronicles the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. Between 1914 and 1917, Shackleton attempted to trek across Antarctica by foot.

Books to read

Under Antarctic Ice: The Photographs of Norbert Wu
by Norbert Wu and Jim Mastro
From above, the vast stunning landscapes of icebergs, mountains and freezing desert. But from below the ice, Antarctica takes on an entirely new form. View the ecosystems rarely seen in this book of Antarctic photography.

The Last Explorer: Hubert Wilkins
by Simon Nasht
Among many adventures, Hubert Wilkins was the first person to fly in the Antarctic. This fascinating biography shares the life of the great explorer and his many achievements in the world’s most unknown places.

Leading on the Edge
by Rachael Robertson
Leading an Antarctic expedition is no easy feat, but for Rachael Robertson, it was a life-changing learning experience. In this inspirational, leadership biography you’ll learn how to strengthen your leaderships skills in any extreme situation.

Extreme South
by James Castrission
Many attempts were made, but no one succeeded to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance, until 2012. James Castrission tells the story of his adventure with friend Justin Jones in this incredible true story through the frozen desert.

The Ice Beneath My Feet: My year in Antarctica
by Diana Patterson
Dive into the day-to-day life of an Antarctic station manager in this adventurous memoir. As the first female station manager at Mawson research station, Diana Patterson had to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make it in the male-dominated, frozen tundra.

The Home of the Blizzard
by Sir Douglas Mawson
One of Australia’s leading explorers, Sir Douglas Mawson chronicles the Australasian Antarctic expedition of the early 1900s. The book covers the daily happenings of the expedition, from humorous stories of the crew, to wildlife and unimaginable weather conditions.

Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica
by Sara Wheeler
Spending seven months in Antarctica as a writer-in-residence, Sara Wheeler shares a journey of discovery in this lively and educational book about her experiences and the history of Antarctica.

by Kim Stanley Robinson
When Wade Norton arrives to Antarctica, he meets face to face with the environmental and political groups that make up the icy community. This novel offers an unearthly description of Antarctica that will take you out of reality.

End of the Earth: Voyaging to Antarctica
by Peter Matthiessen and Kenneth Garrett
Explore the islands off Antarctica with literary naturalist, Peter Matthiessen. Learn about the wildlife, history and explorers of the inhospitable environment of Antarctica in this fascinating true story.

Of Dogs and Men: Fifty Years in the Antarctic
by Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson
Step back in time with this collection of stories shared by fifty Antarctic explorers and scientists. Recount the history of dogs and their journey as man’s oldest friend in Antarctica.

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