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Welcome aboard the world's most unique day tour, as we fly you over the jaw droppingly beautiful Antarctic region. 

Upcoming Flights

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ALMOST SOLD OUT - Brisbane: 1 December 2024

ALMOST SOLD OUT - Brisbane: 16 February 2025

What's Included


Antarctic Expeditioners

Meet Antarctic explorers onboard and experience live crosses to research stations.

Full Bar Service

Full bar service – toast your discovery with champagne, wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks.
Window view

Antarctic Viewing

The ultimate birdseye over the continent with up to 4 hours of viewing that you will never forget.
In-flight Meal

Meal Service

Two full service Qantas meals plus in-flight snacks to keep you fuelled for the long day.

Explorer Kit

Take home your Explorer Kit with all the maps and stats you need to become an Antarctic expert

Entertainment System

Watch  Antarctic documentaries, movies or TV shows on the state of the art entertainment system.