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Our Commitment To The Environment

Our mission is to protect this magnificent and pristine environment for future generations to enjoy. That’s why every Antarctica Flight is carbon neutral and why we give back through supporting important Antarctic science and conservation. 

Carbon Neutral

Every Antarctica Flight is carbon neutral. We work with Carbon Neutral to offset the carbon emissions from each flight. The carbon credits purchased contribute to a reforestation project in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor located in Southwest Australia. Revegetating the previously degraded land with native trees and shrubs encourages wildlife to return, while at the same time removing carbon from the atmosphere. See more information on this project here.

Antarctic Science Foundation

We are pleased to support the Antarctic Science Foundation, an international charity investing in Antarctic and Southern Ocean research to better understand and protect the region and the planet from climate change.

Through our OneTomorrow Charitable Fund, you can donate to critical Antarctic science in the areas of climate, wildlife and oceans, and have your tax deductible donation matched to double your impact. Visit OneTomorrow to donate, learn more and see the full conditions.